Featured Liberal Arts and Humanities Programs for Students looking to Study in US

Liberal Arts and Humanities Programs
for Students looking to Study in the US

Imagine walking onto a campus where the biology major is on his way to theater practice or the mathematics major is on her way to a ceramics class or a computer science major is on his way to piano rehearsal. Where would you find such students? Why would a student do this? At liberal arts colleges and universities across the United States, this is a common scene. Liberal arts colleges have traditionally focused on providing a quality education based in a foundation of important skills – writing, oral communication, interpersonal relationships, collaborative learning. Unfortunately, liberal arts colleges are often misunderstood – What are these schools? Who attends them? What are their students’ outcomes?

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Life is not black and white. Every day, life calls us to deal with the challenges, complexities and responsibilities of living in a diverse and ever-changing world. And to be ready for the “real world,” a broad base of knowledge and skills is essential.

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Last year was particularly meaningful to me as I watched my own son leave high school and begin college. Like his parents before him, and many of his peers, my son wrestled with where to pursue his passion for art. At an art college? A liberal arts university with an art program? A multidisciplinary school of the arts? How to decide?

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As you begin your college search, your first step is to learn about what makes higher education in the USA unique. There is no federal ranking system by which to judge or compare schools. The U.S. does not mandate a national curriculum for post-secondary education. There is a wide range of institutional types and educational philosophies that result in unique and autonomous educational systems and choices. Read about them to make sure you know an apple from a mango!

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