Studying In America

"Studying In America" Article ImageStudying in America requires good planning and organization. You must carefully plan your study habits so you are prepared for every class, and you must attend every class. Don’t study at the last minute, but rather plan ahead and study throughout the semester. You should follow your schedule and submit assignments when they are due. Participate in class. Asking questions and sharing your own knowledge will help you get the most out of every course. If you have any doubt about an assignment, visit your professor during office hours, as they are there to help you. You will have many group projects. Be active and cooperate with your group members to gain the most out of the experience.

If you are a student-athlete and want to take advantage of an athletic program, you must plan your schedule so that practice and classes don’t conflict with each other. Inform your professors at the beginning of the semester that you are a student-athlete and be sure to submit your assignments and take your exams on time.

Even with this in mind, coming to a new country is difficult, especially during the first month. There will be times when you experience culture shock, feel homesick and have a hard time adjusting. When you feel this way, it helps to get involved with campus activities and explore your surroundings. This will help you to make friends and become more comfortable with your new environment. A good place to start is to be involved with your university’s international students office. There you will meet others who are in a similar situation, and it is a great way of making friends. Keeping all this in mind will ensure a successful experience studying in an American university or college.