Small Colleges in Cities Offer Advantages for International Students

International students who attend small colleges in cities have many opportunities that make their educational experience unique. Small colleges offer students nurturing staff, small classes, and a cohesive student body. Cities are cultural and business centers that offer students access to internships, social, and cultural activities that are not available in rural communities. For many students, a small college in a city is the perfect match for their educational needs.

One advantage of small colleges is class size, often averaging about twenty students. Large colleges often have three hundred students in a class. Small classes can lead to a better relationship between professors and students. Students are able to work directly with professors and receive individualized attention. This close relationship benefits both the students who excel in their field of study and the students who may need extra help in a subject. Students also enjoy the experience of a tight-knit community that develops at small colleges. Javier Fernandez, an international student from Spain, feels he has a much closer relationship to teachers and staff than he would at a large college, and he is more comfortable participating in class because of the small class size. Javier speaks highly of the staff and faculty at his college and believes, “If you need anything, it is easier to communicate because you know each other very well.”

Being on an urban college campus offers many opportunities for internships and activities that will benefit the student’s career path. Internships afford students the chance to develop skills and gain experience that will prepare them for their future career. Imagine majoring in hotel management in Boston, one of America’s most popular tourist destinations, and completing your internship at a well known hotel such as the Four Seasons, the Ritz, or the Taj! International students Chi-Wei Sun from Taiwan and Cheng Leong from China appreciate the one on one relationship they developed with the Director of Career Services. During individual appointments, they were able to prepare their resumes, cover letters, and to practice their interviewing skills in role-playing sessions. They both believe that they would not have received so much individual attention had they chosen to attend a large college.

Cities are the center of culture, art, design, communication, and business. Students can enjoy exhibits at major museums and the talents of street musicians. Cities are full of interesting people from all walks of life and different cultures. Meeting new people is part of the college experience, and making friends is very easy at a small college, because everyone has something in common. You can have the best of both worlds when you enroll at a small college in a bustling city.