List of Things to Bring from India

Winter Jacket 1 Should be warm enough for sub-zero temperatures (-15o C to -20o C). You may need to buy another one here (Typical costs range from $50 to $80)
Gloves 1 pair Advisable to get waterproof ones
Mufflers 1 Get one if you feel you might need one.
Woolen Sweaters 1-2 Get at least 1
T-shirts 6-8 Casual ones for daily wear in campus
Jeans 3-4 Don’t buy too many. You get good ones cheap here ($12 – $15)
Formal Shirt 2 Required only for presentations and interviews.
Formal Trousers 1
Ties 1-2
Blazer 1 Optional
Formal wear for Ladies 1 Formal skirt/trousers, shirt, Blazer/skirt suit. * Ladies Note!!! Fashion statements here are very much different from those prevalent in India. If you bring a lot of fashion accessories there is a very good chance that you might end up not using them at all.
Casual Shirts 2-3
Undergarments Laundry is normally done once a week or 10 days. Bring enough to last you that long.
Thermal Wear 1
Nightwear Bring a few shorts/pajamas and T-shirts along
Traditional Wear 1 set For festive occasions
Formal Shoes 1-2 pairs
Sneakers 1 pair Sturdy ones for daily use (cheap ones are available here for $10-$15)
Floaters/Sandals 1 pair For summers
Chappals 1 pair
Belts 2 Get one formal one at least.
Track Suit/Shorts If you are the athletic type, you may want to bring a couple of them along.
Blanket 1 These are available here for $20-$25
Bed sheets 2
Pillow Cases 3
Comforter (Rajai) 1 Purchase in U.S.
Towels 2
Back Pack 1 Get one large enough for carrying books to campus (they cost about $15 here)
Scientific Calculator 1 If you need it, be sure to get a good one along (Typical ones comparable to CASIO fx100 are around $20 here)
Tooth Brush 3-4
Tooth Paste 2
Razor and Blades Typically to last you for 2 months
Scissors 1 pair
Pressure Cooker 1 Preferably a 5 liter one, since you would normally be sharing the apartment.
Cutlery and serving spoons etc. can be purchased here. A visit to the “Dollar Store” is highly recommended when setting up an apartment
Tapes and CDs
Spectacles Get at least 2 pairs…they are exorbitantly priced here!!
Medicines Be sure to bring along any prescribed medicines and the prescriptions for any medicines you intend to bring.
Passport sized Photographs 10